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5 Reasons You Need A Dental Crown

Dental Crown Pickering & Ajax

A dental crown is basically a cap for your teeth. It is a simple, non – invasive procedure which can help you protect a tooth which is vulnerable. Most people misunderstand the purpose of getting a dental crown. It is not only to cover up a broken or chipped tooth, there are many reasons besides that, which require you to avail the procedural services of this kind. Here is a list of the five most common reasons why you may need a dental crown.

  1. To protect a weak tooth: If you have recently had quite a large filling in one of your teeth, your dentist may advice you to get a dental crown to keep it protected. This is a vital step to take as the tooth is considerably weak and the filling may come out with light pressure, leaving the tooth vulnerable to various attacks. This can be prevented by opting for the crown services from a reputed dental service.
  2. To prevent further damage to a broken tooth: If you have a broken or chipped tooth which is damaged but not so damaged you would require an invasive procedure, getting a dental crown is a smart idea. It would help you to strengthen the tooth externally and keep it protected from further damage via hard edibles or other kinds of force.
  3. To support a tooth after root canal: After a root canal, your tooth is extremely sensitive and requires external support. The roots of your teeth have been exposed and if they are not covered properly, they could cause a lot of pain and increase the levels of sensitivity of your teeth. They are also prone to attacks by germs causing decay and caries. This can be prevented by opting for a crown.
  4. To correct the disproportion of teeth: If you have a set of teeth which are not of the same color or are in varying sizes, you can opt for a dental crown to correct these faults with ease. They are easy to fit and can function well. They restore a normal look to your teeth.
  5. To attach a dental bridge: Sometimes, dental crowns are used with dental bridges to attach them firmly to the teeth. They are used to provide a more realistic appearance to the bridge and allow your smile to be radiant and not make you self-conscious about your teeth.