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5 Signs You Need Dental Implants Immediately

Dental implants are a dental procedure wherein the tooth or teeth which were removed are replaced with metal structures which help keep the tooth or teeth in place and restore their functionality. They are slowly becoming one of the most common dental procedures. With their high success rate and the advancement in technology, dental implants are soon becoming a common term and choice for many patients. But why should you get a dental implant? Well, to give your teeth the strength it requires. How will you know you need one? Here are a few signs to tell you that:

1. If you have broken or chipped teeth: A person who has broken or chipped teeth would require a dental implant to restore the normal functions of the teeth. Broken or chipped teeth can cause speech impairment and also hinder the normal chewing abilities of the patient. The teeth would need to be replaced the right way to restore the health of the teeth.

2. If you have loose dentures: Dentures are a removable solution to replace missing teeth. They can be loose and keep falling off. This can hamper your self confidence and also cause irreparable damage to your gums and jaw. This can be fixed by opting for a dental implant. They are fitted into your gums and don’t move or cause discomfort.

3. If you have missing teeth: There could be situations due to which the loss of your natural teeth has occurred. This could cause a gap in your mouth and hinder the appearance of your smile. It could also cause problems with bite. Dental implants can help you fix this problem by replacing the missing tooth with a metal structure which is strong and restores the functions.

4. If you are experiencing bone loss: Some dental diseases cause the loss of bone from your gums thereby weakening your teeth and causing them to fall off. Such problems can be dealt with by using implants. They provide a strong structure which frames your mouth and prevents further damage to your teeth.

5. If you have an infected tooth: Usually an infected tooth can be saved with the help of general dental procedures like root canal, etc., but if none of the above procedures are suitable, then you might have to remove the tooth. A dental implant can help you to replace the tooth while strengthening it easily.

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