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7 Facts to Keep In Mind About Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are susceptible to getting stained very easily. The stains could occur due to various reasons, the most common being old age. Our teeth tend to absorb the staining juices from the food we eat and these start to show on them after a few years. Teeth Whitening is a process which can help you eliminate these problems and bring your teeth back to the natural color. Stained teeth can reduce your confidence levels and cause you to miss opportunities. Whitening can help you achieve the beautiful smile you want and help you regain your lost confidence.
Here are a few facts about whitening:

1. The whitening products dentist use are different: If you have thought that you can get the same results you can get with a cosmetic dentist with the help of over the counter teeth whitening kits, then you are mistaken. Teeth whitening is customized to your needs when done with a professional and hence gives better results.

2. It is not permanent: Teeth whitening is procedure which gives long lasting results, but it is definitely not a permanent procedure. You need to do a few whitening touch ups with your cosmetic dentist to maintain your smile. These are not very frequent, so it seems like a permanent solution.

3. It takes time: All those 24 hour teeth whitening products that you see are probably fake and don’t get you the desired results. This is because teeth whitening is actually a time consuming process. If you have stained your teeth a lot, it is going to take time to remove them. Once sitting can help remove years of staining and this is a huge progress.

4. Natural home remedies may not be effective: Most sites suggest that you use lemons, strawberries and other acidic content to whiten your teeth. These remedies seem effective because most of them are acidic in nature and tend to erode the enamel present on your teeth. Some of them could lead to expensive oral surgeries in the future.

5. Toothpastes to whiten teeth are a joke: All professionals would advise you against spending extra dollars on toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth. Any kind of procedure which is aiming to remove the effect of a lot of years, requires that product to stay in touch with the tooth for a long time. This cannot be achieved with such toothpastes.

6. Sensitivity is a normal thing: Many patients get worried about their teeth becoming extra sensitive after the procedure has been conducted. But this is actually pretty normal. Your teeth tend to lose their moisture after such a procedure and aren’t helping to ward off the sensitivity.

7. Prosthetics cannot be whitened: Prosthetics do not have the properties of a normal tooth and hence the chemicals and methods used for the process do not have any effect on them. If you want them to be off the same color, it is advisable to make new ones in the same look and same color.

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