Dental Emergencies

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In case of dental emergencies, always make sure to remember – the sooner you seek the treatment, the better! Experience the best dental emergency services at the leading dental clinic Splash Dental!


What Are Dental Emergencies?


Dental emergencies involve all the teeth related issues that require immediate treatment. Whenever you are dealing with a severe dental problem, Splash Dental must be your first call. While facing any dental issue, it is essential to understand the difference between a common dental issue that can wait to be treated and a real dental emergency that can cost you a tooth or threaten your health.


At Splash Dental, all dental emergencies are seen within the same day or the next day to address the issue. You can easily book an appointment with us to get the best solution for all your dental emergencies.


8 Signs You May Need To Seek Dental Emergency Services


  • You have a loose tooth

  • Your gums are aching and bleeding

  • Your toothache is severely painful

  • You have dental abscess

  • You have a swollen jaw

  • Your canker sore is not getting better

  • Your tooth went numb

Do you want to know how you can avoid dental emergencies? If so, then have a look at the top ways that will help you to prevent dental emergencies!


Ways To Avoid Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies can be avoided in the following ways:


  • Replace your toothbrush frequently

  • Cut down the amount of sugar that you eat on a daily basis

  • Interdental cleaning is a must

  • Make sure your entire family is registered with an excellent dental clinic


What’s Next?


If you face any dental emergency, then book an appointment with Splash Dental in Pickering, and our professionals will be ready to solve all your issues immediately!


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