Dental Implants

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Splash Dental in Pickering is one of the leading dental clinics where professional and experienced dentists offer premium quality dental implant services at pocket-friendly prices.


What Is A Dental Implant?


Dental implants are the closest one can easily get to robust, healthy, and natural teeth. Dental implants allow you to live freely the way you want to without worrying about your teeth. The dental implants can be considered as artificial tooth roots that are similar in shape to screws. When the dental implants are positioned in your jaw bone, they then bond and connect with your natural bone. They form a solid and strong base for supporting one or more artificial teeth, which are known as crowns. The dental implant delivers as a replacement for the root of missing teeth.


For dental implants at Splash Dental, firstly, the CBCT scan is completed at an Imaging Centre. Then, the in-office Periodontist, Dr. Sharan Golini, places the implants, and finally, Dr. Karishma Kazim restores the implants.


Why Is Dental Implant Needed?


Dental Implant is needed because it:


  • Prevents bone loss

  • Matches your natural teeth

  • Restores bite force

  • Won't get cavities

  • Enables natural speech

  • Prevents change in the shape of your face

  • Supports adjacent teeth

  • No embarrassing slippage, like dentures


Are you confused regarding whether you need a dental implant or not? If yes, then have a look at signs that indicated you might need a dental implant!


8 Signs That Indicate You May Need Dental Implants


  • You have a missing tooth or teeth

  • You face difficulty in chewing food due to missing teeth

  • You've got a broken tooth or a severely cracked tooth

  • You feel insecure and worried about your smile because you have dentures, partials, or a bridge

  • You have a sunken-in facial appearance

  • You are tired of dealing with messy denture adhesives

  • Your tooth has become infected, and you want to get it removed

  • You have a loose bridge



What's Next?


If you're suffering from any of the aforesaid 8 problems, then you may surely benefit from the Dental implant services of Splash Dental in Pickering!


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