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Everything You Need To Know About Tooth Filling

Any individual is conscious of their teeth and are aware of how it affects their smile. Having crooked or missing teeth can really damage your self-confidence and make you feel ugly. It is necessary to prevent your teeth from damage and make sure that they are well maintained. One of the most common conditions or ailments relating teeth are dental caries or cavities.

How does dental caries occur?
A dental cavity is a breakage or hole which occurs in the tooth. It is usually caused due to the presence of food particles which remain between your teeth. They become a breeding place for germs, which then propagate and damage the enamel. This causes the tooth to become exposed and be vulnerable to attacks from other diseases. It can escalate very quickly and cause the tooth to fall off.

How can this be prevented?
Dental caries has a quite simple solution: Tooth Filling
Tooth filling can be defined from the term itself. It means the filling of the tooth with a substance to stop the propagation of the viruses and other harmful germs.

The Tooth filling is of many types:
Silver/ Amalgam filling: This type of tooth filling is made of amalgams. It could have various mixtures in the amalgam depending on the need of the tooth filling. These kinds of fillings are long lasting and durable. They are not tooth colored but provide a strong solution to decays and can cover then area of the tooth which has been affected by the cavity with ease.
White filling: This type of tooth filling is usually preferred by the patients as it is tooth colored and allows the fact that you have a dental cavity to be hidden. The filling is made of ceramic which is mixed in the color of your tooth. It is a very simple form of tooth filling and covers the tooth effectively, thereby eliminating the chance of the tooth being attacked by more germs or decaying further.

The process of having a dental cavity filled is the solution but the teeth can be prevented from dental caries by following a proper dental routine. It is important to brush everyday and also floss to remove the germs from parts of your mouth the brush can’t reach. It is also important to visit a dentist for regular check-ups so that they can detect any problems at an early stage.