At Splash Dental, Invisalign services are offered in-house. For any complicated case, pediatric or adult, we refer to nearby Orthodontists with over 30 years of experience.


What Is Orthodontic Treatment?       


Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth to improve the smile and improve biting function. It can also correct occlusion, thus improving and protecting teeth, jaw joints, and periodontal structures.


Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Needed?


Are you unaware of why orthodontic treatment is needed? If so, then have a look at what orthodontics aims to achieve!


  • Aligning the tips of the teeth

  • Closing the wide gaps between the teeth

  • Straightening the crooked teeth

  • Treating an improper bite

  • Improving and enhancing chewing and speech ability

  • Preventing long term extreme wear and trauma of the teeth


Signs That Indicates You May Need An Orthodontic Treatment


If you are confused regarding whether or not you need orthodontic treatment, then have a look at some of the common signs indicating you may need to visit a dentist


  • You experience soreness or pain in your gums, mouth, or teeth

  • You have difficulty chewing

  • You struggle to articulate when speaking

  • You don’t feel confident while smiling

  • You suffer from breathing troubles

  • You have crooked or crowded teeth

  • You have a wide gap between permanent teeth

Get The Help Of Experts!


If you face any of the above-mentioned issues, please feel free to schedule an appointment with us. Here at Splash Dental, our experienced dentists are knowledgeable and will help you solve all your dental issues immediately, or refer you when appropriate.