Avoid all your gums related problems with the best Periodontics services!


Regular brushing and flossing of teeth can help you in avoiding multiple gums related issues. However, if any gum disease develops, then you can book an appointment with Splash Dental. A highly experienced Periodontist is available to treat all your  issues.


At Splash Dental in Pickering, the in-house Periodontist Dr. Sharan Golini evaluates and treats all periodontal cases and places the dental implants.


What Is Periodontics?


Under Periodontics services, the Periodontists treat the cases that are related to gums and surrounding bone. From mild gingivitis to more severe periodontitis, our experienced and professional Periodontist is ready to serve your needs. The Periodontist offers a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments, to help correct, improve and maintain a healthy periodontium.


Signs That Indicates You May Need To See A Periodontist


Are you confused regarding whether you need to see a Periodontist? Well, have a look at some of the signs that indicate you may need to see one!


  • Persistent bad breath

  • Tender gum tissues

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Receding gums

  • Pain while chewing

  • Red and swollen gums

  • Gums that bleed easily

  • Teeth that seem to appear longer

  • Loose teeth


Benefits of Seeing A Periodontist


Some of the key benefits that you'll receive from visiting a Periodontist are as follows:


  • Offers specialized treatment for gums

  • Addresses advanced cases of gum diseases and bone loss

  • Replaces and restores missing teeth

  • Prevents tooth loss


Book An Appointment With Us Today!


If you're struggling with any of the gums related issues, then feel free to contact us and book an appointment with our leading Periodontist, who is ready to serve you with the best Periodontics services at the most affordable prices.