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Finding a Dentist in Pickering, what makes it difficult?

I live in Pickering and work in Toronto, finding a Dentist is tough, but is it really?

Why finding a dentist in Pickering is so tough

Typically our blogs consist of a list of important bullet points that are about treatment or issues that tie into healthy teeth and a healthy relationship with the Dentist. This early April Blog is all about our community and why finding a Dentist that is legitimate to life in Pickering Ontario can be both difficult and most of all important for the vast majority of you out there. Pickering is a wonderful mosaic of cultural backgrounds, coming together in a flash of language and ethnicity that reflects a truly diverse place to call home. Dr. Kazim is like a reflection of most of Pickering, she is a young mother who makes it very comfortable for women, people of differing cultural backgrounds and people working hard at establishing themselves in the formative years of life to trust, confide and at least feel secure about going to the dentist regularly. One of the major aspects of life in Pickering is the inevitable reality of commuting. Traditional Dental Clinics continue to maintain dated hours that don’t reflect battling traffic and flexibility around extra-curricular commitments. Splash Dental is one of the few that has late night hours as well as weekend appointment times to mirror the realities of life in a City where over 60% of the residents need to drive more than 50km to their jobs. Should going to the Dentist be a chore? No, however Dental Clinics need to help make it as convenient and painless as possible. Splash Dental has accomplished this by listening to the realities of life in the community it is proud to call home.

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