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Why are children afraid of the dentist?

Top 5 Reasons Children are afraid to go to the Dentist:

1- Children are intimidated by the plain and clinical look of most dental clinics. It creates anxiety around the environment.

2- Most fear tied to children and their perception of the dentist is that they have a fear of Tooth Extraction and local anesthesia. These two extreme reasons for visiting a Dentist driving their reluctance to go.

Understanding a child's fear of the dentis.

3- The sound of instruments and the look of needles also provoke anxieties for a child.

4- A cold and non-friendly relationship with the Dentist shapes a generally negative perception towards the clinic, maintaining a friendly relationship with the Dentist and vice versa greatly influences a positive outlook.

5- A parent or close relationship that has related a story of a painful or adverse experience with a Dentist can greatly influence a fear of the Dentist. 16% of Children have a fear of the Dentist and much of this is caused by details of Dental visits that have nothing to do with modern Dentistry.

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