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Why is the March Break a good time to visit the Dentist:

Time – With some free time from school available during the March Break, this is an excellent time to be able to schedule a check up with the Dentist that works with a suddenly freed up kids’ schedule.

Timing – If you have kids, do the math, 6 months after a check up in March is one in September, The Summer is yours to enjoy!

Flexibility – We have all been battling the Snow and it has caused havoc with school, schedules and extra-curricular activities. With several days of back-up during the March Break, even if a snow storm hits...there are lots of alternative times for that all important Dentist visit.

Specifically Splash Dental? We are located in the heart of Pickering’s thriving Kingston Road Corridor, a visit to the Dentist can be followed by a great lunch at one of the many local restaurants and shopping at any number of great stores in the plazas and malls that surround our location.

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