Sedation Dentistry

Does the idea of visiting a dentist cause you stress? If so, then you may indeed need Splash Dental’s Sedation Dentistry services that are exclusively designed for the patients who are interested in anxiety relief during their next dental appointment.


What Is Sedation Dentistry?


If you are a patient with anxiety, then our sedation dentistry services can prove to be the right solution. The ultimate goal of sedation dentistry is to relieve dental stress and reduce fear among patients while going through multiple dental procedures and treatments. Sedation dentistry is the use of local anesthesia, medications, or intravenous sedation as general anesthesia. So, if you experience stress, fear, or anxiety during dental treatments, then sedation dentistry is an excellent solution for you.


At Splash Dental, we offer both oral (conscious) sedation and nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) as options for all our patients.


Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry


Splash Dental’s sedation dentistry services may benefit you in a number of ways that are as follows:


  • Overcome anxiety and fear

  • Ease of treatment

  • Fewer appointments

  • Comfort

  • improves oral health


If you are confused regarding whether you need sedation dentistry services or not, then have a look at the signs that indicates you may need dental sedation services!


Signs You May Need Oral Sedation or Laughing Gas


  • Anxiety and fear prevent you from going to the dentist

  • You have a strong gag reflex

  • You are afraid of needles

  • Your pain tolerance level is very low


Get in Contact With Us!


At Splash Dental in Pickering, our primary goal is to offer you the best Sedation Dentistry services to prevent all your fear and anxiety while going through dental procedures. If you need Sedation Dentistry services for any reason, feel free to contact and book an appointment with us.