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Restorative Dentistry – Bring back your beautiful Smile!

Dental restoration is your first line of defense against damage to your teeth and gums. We perform a number of procedures that will restore and improve your smile, and ensure that it stays as strong as possible.

Splash Dental offers a number of dental restoration services, including:

  • Tooth Filling

  • Dental Crown

  • Dental Bridge

  • Inlay & Onlay


  • Sugars and acids can cause this substance to deteriorate.

  • Over time, this deterioration can cause small holes, or cavities, in the teeth.

  • A filling is designed to fill this hole with metal or composite materials, restoring the look and strength of the affected tooth.

Dental Crown

  • A crown is an artificial covering, specially designed to cover unsightly teeth.

  • If you have a tooth that you would prefer to hide because it is discoloured, misshapen or otherwise damaged, perhaps you should consider a crown, or "cap."

  • This covering is placed over the tooth, restoring its look and function.

Dental Bridge

  • A bridge is an artificial tooth designed to fill a gap in your smile.

  • This is how the bridge gets its name - it will bridge the gap a missing tooth creates.

Dental Inlay & Onlay

Dental Inlay

  • An inlay is intended for more severe cavities.

  • A filling is an injected material that fills a cavity and is left to harden.

  • An inlay is slightly more complex; it is custom-made ahead of time and is then cemented in place during your visit

Dental Onlay

  • The sharpened ends of your teeth, designed for biting, are referred to as the "cusp."

  • Onlays are similar to inlays, but are designed to restore a tooth's cusp, thus restoring the patient's bite.

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Debbie H.

I am so beyond happy that I decided to switch dentists. My experience from the very beginning with the initial contact has been great. The team aims to work with your schedule and your needs. They are fun, young and extremely professional. The clinic is extremely beautiful, clean and so modern. They make you feel important and treat you so well. Not only that but being able to watch a show on Netflix while getting your teeth cleaned is pretty damn amazing! Looking forward to my next visit!

Vanessa P.

I’m so glad I found Splash Dental! Simply put, Dr. Kazim is the best dentist I have ever had. She is gentle and efficient and does really great dental work. I am so glad that I changed dentists. The clinic is modern and fresh and the entire team has a really good flow. I’ve never left a dentist feeling so great. I look forward to my next visit.

Nanisa L.

Dr. Kazim has been our dentist for years. She is simply amazing at dealing with our young son. Her staff is very friendly and helpful. Her office looks beautiful! The overall experience of being in her office makes you feel special and well taken care of. I would highly recommend that anyone go and try her out. You won't be disappointed.

Jonathan C.

After a long search I finally found a professional and caring dental team. I stumbled upon Splash Dental when I was shopping at Home Depot. I wandered in and I was impressed. The moment I walked in Janice and Tanya made me feel comfortable and welcome. After being in the chair for both cleanings and fillings with Dr. Kazim, Christine and Carrie, I feel I am in capable competent hands and that my teeth are being looked after. The entire dental team is stellar! I have already recommended them to family and neighbours. They do excellent work. They have the latest technology and equipment—even Netflix.

Ian F.

After looking around for months for a new practice I researched several different dentists all over Durham Region and found more than what I was looking for.Outstanding reviews,accommodating hours, beautiful office and asked me what problems I might have instead of telling what I have to get done like an open chequebook !! Upon finishing the exams and cleaning,Dr Kazim helped me put a small plan of options available to me to think over and follow up with my next visit.The staff was more then welcoming plus the fact of state of the art equipment,chairs made this change for me very easy and wish I had of done it sooner.Do yourself and your family not a favour but in their best interest and see what I talking about.

Abigail D.


Dr. Kazim and staff are such a delight! I made the right choice by switching from my previous Dentist. I didn't feel rushed, I got a very thorough cleaning, the clinic itself looked clean and I felt like I knew them for years. My toddler had his first dental check up and I was just amazed at how calm he was with the dentist and staff. I highly recommend Dr. Kazim, if your looking for a Dentist.