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Dentures are sets of artificial teeth, intended for patients who have experienced excessive teeth loss. This is sometimes caused by injury or tooth decay over time. Dentures are affixed and worn during the day, and they function much like regular teeth. They require regular cleaning, and they should be removed at night because this gives the patient's mouth time to relax while they rest. Dentures aid in biting and chewing, and even speaking

There are "partial" and "complete" dentures.

Partial dentures are intended for those who have lost many of their teeth, but still have some remaining. The remaining healthy teeth help to keep the partial dentures in place. Complete dentures are meant for those who have no longer have any functioning teeth. Complete dentures are sometimes secured with the aid of dental implants, while others rely on suction.

It takes time for someone to adjust to dentures, but we will help you along every step of the way at Splash Dental. Dr. Kazim and her team will ensure that your dentures are the best possible fit, and we will make sure that you know everything you need to in order to keep them comfortable and clean.

Just because you have experienced significant tooth loss does not mean you should have to give up your favourite foods! Restore the look and function of your smile with dentures. Contact us at Splash Dental for more information, or to book a consultation.

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