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Each tooth has a collection of nerves and tissue inside it. This is referred to as the "pulp" of a tooth. If a cavity is left untreated, or if the tooth is otherwise damaged, this pulp may become fully exposed. This leads to extreme pain and risk of infection. Exposed pulp causes chronic discomfort, and it makes chewing especially hard to do.

Endodontic treatment will relieve these issues. This is performed by drilling into the tooth so that the dentist may easily access the pulp. Then, special tools are used to remove debris and ruined pulp, effectively cleaning the area around the root. A special hardening material is then injected into the tooth, to protect the area from collecting further debris.

Once the tooth and its pulp are restored, a ceramic crown is often recommended. This will fit over the repaired tooth, protecting it while restoring the look of your smile. In certain cases, a dental implant may also be used.

Root canals are often synonymous with pain and discomfort, however this procedure actually prevents these symptoms for our patients. Root canals are a crucial practice in dentistry, and they often save a cracked or damaged tooth that would otherwise become infected. If you believe you require endodontics, please contact us to learn more.

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