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Invisalign Braces Pickering & Ajax

Invisalign is a brand of orthodontic solutions that offer an alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign is meant to be more comfortable and less apparent than braces. With proper use, Invisalign can create the exact smile you've been wanting to show everyone!

Invisalign is a see-through teeth alignment tool. Invisalign is made of a specific, hardened resin that creates a mold. This mold can be worn and removed by the patient.

The process begins with a 3D scan, or a plaster mold. Dr. Kazim can help you determine the exact alignment necessary for your smile. You choose the adjustments to your teeth alongside our dentist, ensuring that you get the look you've been wanting, shaped by a mold made specifically for you, designed for your comfort. We even offer you a preview of how your teeth will look once your treatment is complete!

Finally, you will receive your custom-made aligner, made of a discrete, clear plastic. Invaslign can adjust your teeth horizontally and vertically, or it can even rotate them if need be. It is important to wear Invisalign for approximately 20 hours per day. Your custom-made aligner is more comfortable than other orthodontic options, and you can easily remove them or put them in on your own. When treatment is complete, you will have the custom-crafted smile that you have chosen!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Invalign procedures, please contact Splash Dental, or drop by for a consultation!