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Periodontics is a field of dentistry that is concerned with all parts of the body that relate to your teeth. Your gums and the tissue surrounding your teeth are important examples, and they are a major focus for periodontics. Regular brushing and flossing safeguards your teeth and gums, but if they are not properly maintained, gum disease can occur. There are many forms of gum disease, and some of these can lead to serious medical consequences, or severe damage to your teeth, gums and oral tissue. Periodontal treatments protect our patients from gum disease. Read on to learn about the specific solutions we offer.

Scaling and Root Planing

Sometimes tartar may congregate at the roots of your teeth. This can cause the root to become uneven and rough. The result of this is irritation to the surrounding gums, which can cause pain, and might lead to infection. Scaling is used to smooth the root, alleviating irritation. Planing and scaling can also remove plaque surrounding the root, making uneven portions more uniform.

Tooth extraction

Dr. Kazim and her staff know that nobody wants to go through the painful process of having a tooth removed. Though the procedure may seem frightening, tooth extraction is sometimes the safest, most beneficial solution for a tooth that is damaged at the root. At Splash Dental we make the process of tooth extraction as comfortable as we possibly can, and after the treatment has healed, we have crowns and dentures available that will negate any damage that has been caused to your teeth.

Ridge socket preservation

This procedure is done to patients who have already had a tooth extracted. Once a tooth is removed, the resulting hole will leave tissue exposed. This exposed area is vulnerable, and may be damaged if not properly cared for. Socket preservation simply fills the vacant area with a temporary graft, thus protecting it as healing continues.

Ridge augmentation

Sometimes patients can experience a loss in bone or gum tissue. Ridge augmentation helps to reinforce these affected areas. Results may be acheived through bone graft, or by strengthening tissue in the area.

Sinus augmentation

Some patients may have sinuses that are located very close to their jaw. This is a rare occurrence that affects a small number of people. In such cases, however, certain dental procedures are difficult to perform. If complications in a dental procedure arise because of close proximity between sinuses and the jaw, a sinus augmentation (or "lift) may be performed. Bone is added to the upper jaw, on either side of the nose, allowing dentist work to be completed safely.

Bone grafts

Certain forms of gum disease can cause extreme erosion of the jawbone. In such rare cases, a bone graft may be performed, adding extracted bone to the area of the jaw that is lacking bone tissue.

Crown lengthening

Sometimes teeth are too far below the gumline for our dentists to work on it. When a tooth is cracked off, or if teeth have developed improperly, crown lengthening may be required before repairs can be made. This iis done by raising the amount of tooth that is exposed above the gumline.

Gum disease - what it is, prevention, treatment

Gum disease covers a wide swath of afflictions that threaten the attachment of your teeth to your gums. Gum disease is typically found in adults, but it can occur at any age. The emphasis of brushing and flossing each day following meals is to prevent gum disease from occurring. It is also recommended that you receive a cleaning from a certified hygienist twice a year. If you are concerned about gum disease, or believe you may be afflicted with gum disease, our periodontal treatments can help.

To ensure that you and your family avoid the complications of gum disease, be sure to ask about our periodontal treatments. Call or visit our office to learn more!

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