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Snoring Counseling / Sleep Apnea Treatment Pickering

Are you tired today? Is someone in your family a snorer? Perhaps you're the one who has trouble sleeping, and you're keeping your family up at night. Snoring is seen as somewhat of a joke in popular culture, but snoring can become a big issue in some households.

What happens when a person snores is that the tissue around their airway begins to vibrate. During sleep we take long, deep breaths and this causes that vibration to be easily heard. Sleep is important to everyone, and because of this snoring can quickly evolve from a joke to a problem with no solution.

At Splash Dental we offer snoring counseling for our patients. Dentists can offen aid people who suffer from excessive snoring, and sometimes the solution is as simple as a bite guard to be worn at night. Visit Dr. Kazim and we can determine what is causing your snoring and try our best to put a stop to it! Even braces have been known to alleviate the effects of snoring.

If you would like to get your snoring, or a loved one's snoring under control, contact us at Splash Dental to learn more!