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Sports Guards / Mouth Guards Pickering

Athletes know that it is important to protect their mouths during play. If you have begun a new sport or activity in which heavy impacts may occur, it would be wise to invest in a mouth guard. These will cushion your teeth from any unwanted blows you may receive, ensuring that they remain undamaged. Mouth guards can also alleviate the deteriorating nature of teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding is called bruxism, and it is a difficult to prevent if you grind your teeth while you are sleeping. Bruxism continously wears down the efficacy of your teeth, and the condition will damage your teeth over time. Earaches and headaches are also symptoms of bruxism. We can offer you overnight mouth guards that can be worn while you sleep. They are comfortable and custom-fitted to ensure that you get sufficient rest while protecting your teeth through the night.

What's your game? If you enjoy a physical lifestyle, it's crucial that you protect your teeth. Splash Dental has custom-made sports guards that are effective for a variety of sports, and we should have the right guard for whatever activity you enjoy. A sports guard is a wise, simple investment that is far less costly or complicated than a sudden sports injury. Avoid dental emergencies on the ice or at the gym with our sports guards!

If you have questions about what guard may be best for the sport you enjoy, of if you suffer from bruxism, call us to find out more. These simple plastic devices can save you a lot of trouble down the road.