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Dental Technology

Dentistry as a medical field is constantly evolving. Many advancements in technology and technique have been discovered and implemented over the years, and changes continue even now! Splash Dental prides itself on using powerful, sophisticated technology that is best suited to examine the dental needs of yourself and your family. Below are some of the major pieces of equipment that we use.

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Intraoral cameras

Traditionally, dentists have relied on the dentist’s mirror to examine a patient’s teeth and gums. As wonderful as these devices have been for the dental industry, they are now being replaced by intraoral cameras. The dentist’s mirror was limiting; a dentist could only view small portions of a person’s mouth when using it because the mirror itself had to be small enough to fit inside. An intraoral camera is also small enough to comfortably examine a person’s mouth, but it can take as many digital photos as the dentist needs. This way, the dentist gets a much more comprehensive view of your teeth and gums. Dr. Kazim can examine your mouth with you and save the images for later reference. This also means you don’t have to “open wide” for as long!

Digital X-rays

Digital cameras have mostly replaced film cameras, and the same is true for x-rays! We use more modern digital x-rays in our office rather than film because digital images have many benefits. Digital x-ray images are of a much higher quality, so Dr. Kazim and her team can study them more easily and thoroughly. Also, digital x-rays, much like your digital photos, may be stored on a computer or hard drive for later access. Finally, digital x-ray devices require less radiation to operate, so they are safer for everyone involved!

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic x-rays function much like digital x-rays, but they provide a broader view of your mouth, gums and jawbone. This means that even more comprehensive images can be used by our team to monitor the oral health of yourself and your family.

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