What should I expect after dental implant treatment?

Dental implants: what are they?
It is important to remember that dental implants are not teeth. Implants are prosthetic devices. A dental implant refers to a small post that is implanted into your jaw bone and serves as a foundation for your crown (or bridge). Your tooth has a crown, i.e., the visible part. The implant requires interaction with your jawbone and gums, making it the most complex part of the procedure. It can affect not only your tooth, but also the rest of your mouth if it does not set correctly.

Dental Implant Recovery: What to Expect
Each patient’s recovery time is different. Your recovery time will be much faster if you need to remove one tooth and replace it with one implant and a bone graft than if you need several implants and a bone graft. The majority of people experience some localized pain, bruising, and swelling after surgery. It is usually the second day that is the worst, and the third day is usually the best. Nevertheless, it can be treated with an over-the-counter NSAID (ibuprofen or Tylenol) or at most a codeine or hydrocodone. The day after surgery, you can return to work although you may not feel comfortable.