Why More Adults Are Getting Braces

More and more adults are wearing braces in recent years because they are less bulky and visible. It is common for adults to want to correct problems with their teeth or jaws before they cause serious or further damage. Other people wish to address longstanding cosmetic concerns in order to feel better about their appearance.

It is important to remember that even “cosmetic” problems can have a real impact over time. An improperly aligned mouth and teeth can lead to premature wear and tear, advanced tooth decay, gum disease, dentures or reconstructive solutions, and even more extensive surgery to correct serious issues.

In light of new techniques and the availability of clear, less noticeable braces, adults are increasingly turning to braces to correct:

  • Spaces between teeth (spacing)
  • Several teeth crowded together (crowding)
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Having an overbite
  • Having an underbite
  • Abnormal crossbites